Marta Marcé

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I can foresee painting all around life and I can work site-specific, directly on walls and paint with the limits of the canvas.

The artwork has been evolving though different series from various circumstances or sources that brought different results, and at the same time these determine where to go next. In each series I create a space for experimentation that combines the rational and the intuitive, using structures that allows playfulness within the language of abstract painting.

At its beginning my artistic practice was formed with elements of both, the appearance and the processes of games. This series was inspired by rules of games such as domino, roulette, mikado, puzzles or certain computer games, where the paintings acquired great energy and vitality. This approach, beyond the visual, became a perfect framework for experimenting, taking risks and finally deciding structures and colours that gave life to artworks. This series, that dealt with the relationships between order and chaos, psychic and material, mathematical and chance, showed my gaze on the dialogue between forms and their inherent energy.

In a later series called 'Now & Ever', the work advanced in search of this alive energy to deepen into an more mystical universe. Progressively, and especially at the root of a trip to Guatemala where I met the Mayan cosmogony, and in tune with the work of artists such as Pablo Palazuelo, Bridget Riley or Hilma af Klint or philosophers and mystics such as Ibn' Arabi, Gurdjíeff or Castañeda, I sensed in the paintings this omnipresent and creative energy that connects all forms of life. A dialogue that aims to give form made up of visual colour rhythms and geometric patterns.

In my last series 'Tabula Rasa' not first aware of the composer Arvo Pärt's music piece of the same name, painting also gives a moment of SLOWNESS, silence and meditation through patient observation. Space and time are joined visually with personal and attentive marks and colour fluctuations. Once again the art in connection with life and even at the service of this I want to reflect and also enjoy existence. I later also found a connection to the work with Agnes Martin which I followed the reading and found an amazing connection to her philosophy.

I understand painting as a language that reflects our human condition. Painting as a way to reflect the capacity of humans to be inspired, to abstract and to express life. In the paintings I try to reflect the mind and the sensuous, the aesthetic of beauty that is imbedded in reality, in life itself.

I want each artwork to have an immense energy, both vibrant and full of humanity.